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3 Ways To Make Compliance Training More Enjoyable

Compliance training is used to educate employees about the need to adhere to company practices that are ethical and legal. Often, compliance training is a condition of certain company contracts with important clients. Thus, the training is typically mandatory. Here are a few ways to help make compliance training enjoyable for employees:

Offer a pretest.

Sometimes, employees feel like another training class is just a waste of time. After all, if they have been performing the same job for a couple of years, what is there left to learn? 

Even a physician needs to receive periodic training to help ensure that he or she is aware of new developments and understands the standard of care required in different instances. Regardless of the profession or type of job performed, compliance to standard practices is important.

Offering a pretest can help employees recognize that there is more for them to learn in the area of ethical practices. People who believe they are gaining something from a class are more apt to enjoy the training.

Divide the employees into groups for classroom training.

Group learning can be fun. It facilitates social interactions and helps ensure that everyone in the class participates. 

By having groups of employees review compliance scenarios together, the training can become more enjoyable. In addition, differing perspectives can be introduced into the discussion. Employees may be more apt to speak freely when they feel that they are in a safe training environment.

Group learning can include games, skits and other interactive play.

Offer multiple training options.

Even if a class is considered fun by most people, a few employees may feel that the scheduled class time does not fit well with their other scheduled work objectives. It will be difficult for an employee to be attentive during a training class if they are distracted by thoughts of other work that needs to be completed during that period.

In addition, some employees simply learn better when they are not surrounded by other people. A one-on-one or individualized type of training works better for them.

In both of these instances, computerized training may be more effective. Computerized compliance training can be scheduled to fit the needs of the employee, and it can be performed individually.

Compliance training, through a company like Environmental Hazmat Services Inc, is an important component of employee education. To learn more ways to effectively train your employees about ethical and legal standards, schedule a consultation with a compliance specialist.