Improving My Energy Efficiency

Want To Lower Your Carbon Footprint And Save Money? A Few Reasons To Use Propane

Even if you have solar panels on your roof, and a windmill in your yard, there are still going to be times when you need to have some other type of energy source to keep your home at a comfortable temperature and all your appliances operating. While you could use electricity or oil, they would increase the carbon footprint of your home much more than if you were to go with propane. Here are just a few reasons to use propane in your home whether it is only as a backup or as the main energy source.


The first way most energy sources are bad for the environment is the pollution created when being produced. Using coal or electricity to operate the production factories contributes to the acid rain in the air. However, the production of propane does not produce contaminants or any acid rain.


A big concern about fossil fuels is their toxicity if there should be a spill. Propane is non-toxic and will dissipate in the air without causing any harm. The only damage from a propane spill would be the immediate area, where the liquid propane actually touched. Once the propane hit the air it would become a vapor and be carried away. It is only in a liquid state when the temperature is below -44 degrees F, or when highly compressed.


Propane burns clean. It releases less toxins, hydrocarbons and carcinogens than other fuel options when burned. This is not only good for humans, but also beneficial to wildlife and plant life. This, in turn, makes the food you eat safer to consume.

Save Money

In most markets, using propane will be less expensive than the other energies. In addition, appliances that run on propane require less maintenance and last longer than units that use other fossil fuels. This is due to the fact that propane does not leave as much debris or soot behind that can clog up the mechanical parts of the device.

Any time you can change an appliance from oil, gasoline or electricity to use propane instead you are saving the environment, reducing your risk of cancer and other pollutant-caused diseases, most likely saving money on your utility bills, and improving the efficiency and life expectancy of your appliances. While solar panels and windmills are good options for alternative energy sources, they are not as easy to change to if you are currently using electricity or oil. Make the change to propane first, see how it improves your carbon footprint and then decide if you need to go further.

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