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Home Renovations: 4 Ways To Prepare

If you are planning on completing a remodeling project at home, it is important that you not rush into the project. Take some time in preparing for it by thinking of your family's safety and knowing how you will dispose of the waste. Here are some easy tips for preparing for the renovations.

Get the Proper Permits

Before you even think about completing a remodeling project at home, you need to visit a local building office and find out if you need a permit. Some renovations won't require a permit if they are minor upgrades, while others will. If you are installing a new plumbing fixture or adding a walk-in closet to the bedroom, you might not need a permit. However, major electrical or plumbing work, add-ons, and demolitions often do require a permit. Make sure you have this sorted out before you begin.

Rent a Roll Away Bin

You will also need a way to dispose of the waste. Using a roll off bin is a great option, which you can either get from a roll off bin company or your local waste management company. This is a dumpster that you will park in your driveway or on the street in front of your house. Throw all of your waste into the bin as long as it is not a recyclable project. When you're done with the renovations, the roll away bin company will pick it up for you.

Vacate the Area of the Home

In order to make it safe for your family and pets, close off the area of your home that is getting renovated. If you are doing a lot of remodeling, stick to just one area of the home at a time so your family doesn't have to move until you are complete. For example, if you are doing some renovations on the kitchen, set up a temporary kitchen in another room with a mini fridge, microwave, and shelving unit with your food items. If you are remodeling one of the bedrooms, put an extra bed in another room so your kids can share while one of the rooms is being worked on.

Wear Safety Gear

Provide yourself and anyone working in the home with proper safety gear. You must practice safety precautions at all time by wearing a hard hat and hard boots, gloves, face protection, and ear protection. Demolition and renovations may seem simple enough, but dust and debris will be flying, so you need extra protection. Make sure your ears are well protected if using power tools.

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