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The Trouble With Too Many Trees

If you have a lot of trees in your yard, they can be beneficial as they provide shade and can even keep your house cool by blocking sun from entering the windows. If you have a lot of trees, however, you should consider removing some of them because they can cause problems with your landscaping, the structure of your home, your concrete driveway, and more. This is because these roots can become very large and invade areas around them. Below are some reasons why you may have to do this.

Kill Nearby Trees

Trees can get many diseases that not only kill the trees, but also spread to nearby trees, causing leaf and root damage. The diseases trees get depend on the type of tree. For example, anthracnose and leaf spot diseases are generally seen on hardwood trees, and commandra blister rust is seen on hard pines.

Contact a tree service company to come to your home. They can identify the type of disease the trees have. Once they determine this, they may tell you they need to remove the trees immediately, or they may be able to treat some of them to kill the disease. They may do this by pruning the tree to remove damaged branches or by applying an insecticide to the tree.

Problems with Concrete

Tree roots can spread underneath your concrete driveway, foundation, or a sidewalk. Once this happens, the roots cause the soil to break away or loosen, and if not taken care of, can cause the concrete to buckle and even crack. Tree roots can spread very far, so they could also spread into your neighbor's yard causing damage on their property.

The only way to take care of this problem is by removing the tree and the roots. You can then make the needed repairs to the concrete.

Sewer and Water Line Damage

As root systems spread, they can invade the sewer and water lines on your property. If this happens, you will notice slow flowing drains by hearing gurgling noises coming from toilet bowls. The sewer or water lines could even burst, and if this happens the sewage or water would back up into the soil around your home or even inside your home. Call a plumber or a sewer company to come to your home. They will use a small camera to look into the pipes to determine if there are roots growing.

Learn where your sewer pipes are located in your yard, so that you can avoid planting anything close to them in the future.

If your landscaping looks bare when the trees are removed, call a landscaper to come to your home to help you fill in these empty spaces.