How To Properly Dispose Of 4 Common Items In Your Home

When you are disposing of trash in the home, the majority of items will either go in your garbage can or the recycling bin. However, you might have some items at home that should not be thrown away in the regular trash, since they can be dangerous for the local dump. Here are some tips for disposing of these common types of items in the household. Hazardous Chemicals It helps to first know which items are considered toxic, since hazardous waste should not be thrown away.

Why Restaurants Need To Clean And Maintain Their Grease Traps

Grease trap systems do more than filter cooking oils and other forms of grease that are disposed of down restaurant dishwasher and sink drains. They prevent greasy waste from entering the public sewage system and causing problems. Restaurants that don't dispose of grease properly also may be in violation of local and state health codes.   The Need to Clean a Grease Trap Besides it being the law, a restaurant needs to routinely clean out its grease trap for several reasons.

Home Renovations: 4 Ways To Prepare

If you are planning on completing a remodeling project at home, it is important that you not rush into the project. Take some time in preparing for it by thinking of your family's safety and knowing how you will dispose of the waste. Here are some easy tips for preparing for the renovations. Get the Proper Permits Before you even think about completing a remodeling project at home, you need to visit a local building office and find out if you need a permit.

The Trouble With Too Many Trees

If you have a lot of trees in your yard, they can be beneficial as they provide shade and can even keep your house cool by blocking sun from entering the windows. If you have a lot of trees, however, you should consider removing some of them because they can cause problems with your landscaping, the structure of your home, your concrete driveway, and more. This is because these roots can become very large and invade areas around them.

Think You Have Bed Bugs? What To Know

Have you been dealing with red itchy bite marks that look like a rash and you've come to the conclusion you have a bed bug problem? If so, the sooner you act, the better your chances will be of getting control of the problem and getting rid of the bugs. There are a lot of things you'll want to consider when dealing with bed bugs, since they are difficult to see and only come out at night.

The Danger Of Asbestos & How A Homeowner Can Deal With This Threat

Asbestos is harmful to have in your home and, since many homes were built with asbestos, it is a danger that you should be aware of. The following guide might help you figure out if you home has asbestos, how it poses a danger to your health, and the next step to take.  How Dangerous Is Asbestos? The first thing you should know is asbestos is not dangerous when its particles are contained.

Three Ways Your Recycling Center Can Help You Declutter Your House

Recycling and decluttering your house can go hand in hand, but you'll need to know which items can be recycled before you begin cleaning out your closets. As you start going through your items to see which ones you want to keep, donate or throw away, remember to look for items that can be recycled. This helps lower your impact on the environment while freeing up valuable space in your home.

Tips To Maintain Your New Septic Tank

If you've never had a septic tank before, you may not understand entirely how one works. Unlike a sewer system, the septic system disposes of your household waste in a tank usually somewhere beneath the ground in your yard. Liquid waste goes into a drain field to be disposed of, while solid waste sits at the bottom of the tank to be disposed of later (when pumped out). Your household waste comes from your kitchen drain, laundry drain, as well as toilet and shower drains.

The Benefits Of Propane

When it comes to powering your home, there are several different kinds of power. Your main choices are electricity and natural gas, each of which have unique benefits and drawbacks. However, for some purposes, you might find that propane gas is the best candidate for the job. To help you understand why propane is so useful, here is an overview of how propane works and the advantages that it has over natural gas and electricity:

Paying High Gas Bills For Your Boiler? Get To The Bottom Of The Problem

If you feel like your heating bills have been steadily rising and you're concerned that your boiler isn't working like it should be, get boiler repair company to look at the unit before you pay another high oil bill. You'll want to talk with the oil company to make sure that you are being charged correctly, and wait to see what the repair experts say. Sometimes the oil company will charge you an estimated amount of use, and then check readings at another time.